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xplore2023 Technology Award goes into the next round: 100 teams from 30 countries start at the technology award for a sustainable world!

The tension was almost palpable when the eleven-member jury from science, business and associations announced their decision at the xvention on September 8, 2022. Here they are again at a glance: The 100 nominees More than 170 teams, mainly from universities, startups and vocational schools had applied with their innovative research and development projects in […]

xplore 2023 Technology Award – xvention on Thursday, 08 September 2022!

The tension is rising! And not only with the teams – also with us! But we all don’t have to wait much longer. The xvention, the digital kick-off event of the xplore 2023 Technology Award, finally brings clarity! Let’s get started on Thursday, September 8, 2022 from 2:00pm-4:00pm. Log on and experience the unique xplore […]

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